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Business Opportunity - Kitchen Doors & Cabinets Factory

Código: 41349633  Área de Construcción: 32283.00Ft2 Área de Terreno: 43200.00Ft2
Pedro Murcia

Resumen de Propiedad

  •  Código: 41349633
  •  Tipo: Bodegas/Naves industriales
  •  Operación: Venta
  • Área Terreno: 43200.00Ft2
  •  Área Construcción: 32283.00Ft2
  • Precio: USD3,000,000

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Detalles de Business Opportunity - Kitchen Doors & Cabinets Factory

Factory of kitchen doors and cabinets, with more than 1.000 clients, an inventory of 78 equipment and machinery and more than 1.100 of doors models and custom designs. Located in Hialeah, Florida. United States.

It has power plants, compressors, extractors, vacuum, electrical installations, lighting, warehouse, 2 loading spaces, excellent location near to the airport and principal roads, 35 parking spots. It is divided in two specialized warehouses of Sq.Ft 16.142 each one: one is only for the construction of the pieces, and the other only for painting and storage, which gives it an organized operation and better results. 

The Lease of the warehouse is $11 dollars Sqft per year, the contract is for 5 years extendable for the same period The factory is operating normally, its revenues are stable and growing.


- Storage space for materials and finished products.
- Equipment of the latest technology.
- Electrical installations.
- Compressors, vacuums, vacuum cleaners.
- Two (2) discharge ramps.
- 8 access doors to the warehouse for trucks.
- 35 parking spots.
- Operating licenses.

Annual Billing USD $2,000,000.00.
Annual Profit Margin USD $500,00.00.

Production capacity:

- 15 standard kitchens daily.
- 2,000 standard doors daily.

Note: Real Estate is NOT included.

If you are interested in this commercial property let us know!

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Pedro Murcia
USA +1 (786) 306-2999
✉ pmt1039@gmail.com

  • País: Estados Unidos
  • Ciudad: Hialeah
  • Provincia: Florida
  • Sector: -1


  • Andén Para Trailer
  • Instalación Eléctrica: No Definido
  • área De Carga Y Descarga
  • Zona Industrial
  • Sistema Contra Incendios
  • Ventilación
  • Electricidad
  • Material De Construcción: No Definido
  • Iluminación

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Pedro Murcia

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+1 (305) 497-6617